May 17, 2018

INFURIATE (TX), "Demo 2016"

A few years back, INFURIATE delivered big with this 3-song demo of legit Texas Death Metal which laid down a nice foundation for the forthcoming full-length this summer on Everlasting Spew.

May 10, 2018

STB Records Mixtape: Volume One

Heads up to all the Doom/Stoner Metal fans out there!!!

STB Records just released the STB Records Mixtape: Volume One— a free monthly mixtape used as a platform for new bands to get exposure, existing bands to test songs, share unreleased or non-album fitting tracks, and an occasional throwback. STB always has top-notch, impressive packaging and has released some real gems showcasing a ton of great new bands over the years.

This effort is fully fan supported and participation is encouraged. If you like the mixtape, LEAVE A COMMENT with your favorite track. The more engagement this gets the bigger and better it will be.

Band Submission Guidelines: (Please follow exactly)

Email with the following;
  • Subject: "STB Records Mix Tape Submission" 
  • Link to ONE song of your choice. Make this the track you feel best represents your band and sound, as it will be the first impression for many new fans. 
  • DO NOT send files that need to be downloaded, download codes, or a link to every song you have ever written and say "choose one".
Give this a spin and leave a comment.

Favorites Tracks: Klandestin, Young Bull, Sanhedrin, and Heavy Temple.

May 9, 2018


About a minute into the first of these three MINDFORCE tracks and I clicked the Purchase button without even needing to listen any further. The first 60 seconds of "Firestarter" alone is worth the cost of all 3 of their tracks— all of which bang just as hard as the others. A bit tighter riffing with some really cool turnarounds and hooks akin to Metallica and/or Slayer even. Solid craftsmanship, musicianship, and overall super consistent band.

DEAD HEAT is a perfect pairing and follow-up who deliver their brand of Hardcore-laced Thrash right off the bat with "Pay The Toll" (which also harkens on a Slayer tip), while the following tracks are laced with moments ranging from very traditional California Hardcore style riffing to recognizable NYHC influenced Cro-Mags. The influences can be derivative at times but hats off, because this stuff goes hard yet remains very tasteful and interesting still.

Super solid release from 2 bands that showcase the evolution of Punk/Hardcore and Metal with a traditional flare extremely well. Available from The Feral Planet.

May 3, 2018

MADBALL (NYC), "Old Fashioned" (Lyric Video)

Lyric video for "Old Fashioned", the latest song from MADBALL. Track taken from the upcoming album "For The Cause" which was co-produced by Tim Armstrong of RANCID and was mixed and mastered by heavyweight Tue Madsen (SICK OF IT ALL, THE HAUNTED). Pre-orders available at Nuclear Blast.

April 30, 2018

SKELETAL REMAINS (CA), "Devouring Mortality"

SKELETAL REMAINS “Devouring Mortality” nails pretty much every aspect of the best things making up the classical recognizable brand of Death Metal, complete with great album artwork by the unmistakable Dan Seagrave. Traditional Death Metal style from Whittier, CA with a groovy Floria twist. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys!