PLAGUE YEARS, "Unholy Infestation" (2019)

Like an icepick to the face, PLAGUE YEARS arrives with an electric surge of sudden pain. An unrelenting end of the world assault of the cataclysmic convergence of thrash and hardcore, with bits of blackened death and midtempo madness to spare, the Detroit master blasters are here to crash the crossover party. Summoning the primitive spirit of the singular moment when the heaviest of metal first smashed into a circle pit, PLAGUE YEARS reignite the flame with sharp fury.

Unholy Infestation by Plague Years

OATH OF CRUELTY, "Summary Execution at Dawn" (Dark Descent Records, 2019)

Frantic, barbaric, yet sharp as a knife. Those are just some of the words most associated with Houston's, OATH OF CRUELTY. Authentic 80's German style Sodom, Kreator influenced Thrash/Death Metal described as a “culmination of spastic, frenetic riffs and urgent blasting energy, punctuated by sadistic, harsh lyrics delivered via barbarous, grating vocals.” Their songs are about sadism, medieval scenes of violence and carnage, the senseless nature of war, the Black Plague, idiot religions, and the industrialization of war and weaponry. Cover art by Daniel "Sawblade" Shaw.

Summary Execution at Dawn by Oath of Cruelty

HOUR OF LEAD, "Hour Of Lead" EP (Fuzz Records, 2020)

HOUR OF LEAD, from Albany, NY featuring ex-members of Born Low, Hellkeeper, and Age Of Apocalypse. Heavy and sludgy Metal with a Hardcore influence. Thick and meaty recording with Crowbar and Ringworm influences. Great introduction, and first addition for the yearly list. Also available for download, streaming, and cassette purchase here.
Hour Of Lead by Hour Of Lead

YATRA, "Blood Of The Night" Available 01/31/2020 (STB Records)

Maryland’s monolithic purveyors of doom YATRA will release their second album, 'Blood Of The Night', on January 31st via STB Records. Awaiting pre-orders which begin Friday, January 17th— the trio has debuted 2 crushing new songs titled "Carrion" and “Blood Will Flow.”

Blood Of The Night by Yatra - STB - 33


A Godfather figure is understood to be a purveyor of genre; a pioneer in a particular realm of creation. Perhaps more importantly, and after over 3 decades molding the Hardcore realm, AGNOSTIC FRONT have protected and nurtured Hardcore music in such a way that it still exists healthily & in its proper form, today. As a band that has cultivated their reputation with honesty, and that prioritizes affirming their social messages to the world, "Get Loud!" is well suited as the title for their 12th, full length studio album. Although the sociopolitical climate has transformed considerably since the release of the "United Blood" EP in 1983, the basic concepts of political corruption and social unrest have only been enhanced, and with them the fuel on AGNOSTIC FRONT’s fire. “We’ve always had a voice; had a lot to say. We’re always screaming for a change” says frontman Roger Miret. “Speak up, get loud, say what you have to say. Be the change you want to see in the wor…

R.I.P., Jack Flanagan (THE MOB)

Jack Flanagan sadly passed away today due to illness. Best known for his work managing the bands Clutch and GWAR, his influence ran much deeper than that. An integral part of the developing days of NYC Hardcore scene with his band THE MOB, he was also a great friend and mentor to all who had the pleasure of working with and meeting him. We will miss that bright beautiful smile. 

DETOXI, "Death Of A Nation"

Post-Punk Deathrock with an English vibe from Ventura, California featuring members of MAäSK and Catholic Spit. Digging deeper into more of a New Wave sound here, but still harvesting a lot of the dark punk influence from their previous bands. Fans of The Damned and TSOL won't be disappointed.

Death Of A Nation by DETOXI