April 6, 2005


I don't know too many "math-rock" bands, most of them are just too much for me. However, my brother got me into Breadwinner many years ago and their magic has yet to wear me down to a bore. Great hooks, great time changes, great riffs, great bass playing, and phenomenal drive. A band I wish had more of a catalog. Where are they now?

01. Ditch
02. Kisses On The Mouth On The Mountain
03. Mac's Oranges


  1. Pen Rollings was most recently in Loincloth with some dudes from Confessor and such, did you ever hear their demo? They're not very active, if at all. He was also in another band called Butterglove back in the day. I can rip you some of that if you want. I don't have any Honor Role stuff (one of his other old outfits), though. There's a great interview with him here:


    Good choice, though. Breadwinner are of course local legends around my parts...

  2. Never heard any of the mentioned bands. Like I said, I've never really followed much of this style (aside from Breadwinner, Don Cab, etc -- the known bands of the genre). I'd love to hear these.

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    i had a tape of Butterglove a long time ago but it disappeared during a move (with a lot of other precious things. i'd love to be able to hear it again.


  4. I have a killer Honor Role live show from Carboro NC in 1989 at the Cat's Cradle that is pretty clean and powerful...Pen Rollings definitely is a legend.Confessor is some amazing stuff that's hard to wrap yourself around as well;fucking complex and sick!

  5. Dirty Jase --

    The HONOR ROLE set you mentioned, is that on video or mp3 format? I'd definitely like to check it out if you have an audio version of it. Lemme know, thanks for the heads up.

  6. Anonymous11:03 PM

    I've got some rare live recordings [not the two shows that have been on the p2p circuit already] and some unreleased demos and practice sessions by Breadwinner. MP3s available to anyone that wants them. jason (at) foemusic (dot)(co)(dot)(uk)