December 3, 2005

BLACK FLAG, Live 1983

Here we have 6 songs from a live show in early 1983 with Black Flag. The songs are direct from the board, so the sound quality and aesthetics are A+. Great between song bantor. Rollins always had the touch for keeping the energy going. 

I found these on a site that documents the Arizona Hardcore scene from 1982-1984 called Shavedneck. It's mainly flyers and some really awesome photos by Ed Arnaud with a few mp3's. Kind of small, but check it out, definitely worth a look. There's only these 6 Black Flag songs posted, but when I downloaded them, the track listing said # of 15, so I assume there's a full set out there somewhere. I've sent an email to the site moderator, hopefully he'll be kind enough to share*.

Until then, enjoy these gems... they're a great find.

01. Black Coffee
02. My War/I've Heard It Before
03. Depression
04. Slip It In
05. No More
06. I Love You

Also, check out the newspaper article review of a Black Flag/Meat Puppets show in 1982 at this same venue. Pretty funny stuff.
"Waves of music careened through the crowd, pummeling bodies until they smacked into each other. Rollins hoarsely reminded us of why we were there as he growled about the lunacy of the crowd's tawdry, collective existence.

He yelled about how there was nothing left, we'd backed ourselves into a corner and now were beginning to lose it altogether."

* I have since received a reply from Bill at in regards to the other tracks from this set. He has posted them on the site here, so grab those while you can.


  1. This is awesome. I'd love to hear the rest of the set if it is indeed 15 songs long. Keep us posted on that...

  2. Guess I should've re-read the goddamn post before commenting...

  3. Hahaha... I figured you'd catch on eventually.

  4. Caution - slow children at play...


  5. just stopped by and grabbed these mp3's, sounds like a great set, black flag where amazing live..better yet thank you for the link to Ed Arnaud's photos!

  6. Thanks for stopping by... I'm a frequent visitor at 7inchpunk myself. Keep up the good work!