December 14, 2005


The self-proclaimed "Canadian Another Victim". Nowadays you may hear Nick (vocalist) refer to them as "a Hatebreed cover band". Regardless of what they deemed themselves, I loved them and appreciated them immensely.

The history between us is too in-depth and obtuse to try and remember and write down. I remember seeing the majority of the band at most/all the Another Victim shows in Syracuse for years and then eventually when we made it to Canada. They always showed us nothing but love, so when they started a band of their own, it was no surprise that they molded their sound after AV (and Hatebreed, who we molded our sound from — haha).

Their first release was a split label release, "God's Final Descent" on 13th Day Recordings and Sounds Of Revolution Records in 2000. Oddly enough, for being a relatively small release, you can still find it for sale at a few places;
The lyrics on that release were pretty run of the mill, abstract, filled with despair and desperation for the world-type lyrics. Not that they weren't/aren't relevant, they were just sort of contrived and repetitive. The recording was pretty muffled, as the guitars sounded like they were recorded with a pillow between the mic and the amp. The drums didn't quite work and didn't quite accent the music right (at parts). The bass was non-existent, and the vocals were rough and graspy. The music, since it was so closely tied to Another Victim, kept me intrigued. It was one of those records that gave me hope. Made me think, "give these dudes another year to work out the kinks and give them a decent recording... they'll be unstopabble."

Two years passed and they headed to Max Trax in Albany (where Another Victim recorded the split with Shai Hulud) to record their full-length for Alveran/Eulogy Records. Upon recording, we were invited up so our singer, Anderson, could do a spot on a song ("Towards The End"), we could do some back-up vocals, and listen to what they had laid down. What I heard made me proud and made me wish I could have said, "I told you so" to anyone that was doubting them to me. They refined their sound and matured in their song writing tenfold. Parts flowed together smoothly, riffs were massive and written perfectly in adjacent to one another, vocal patterns matched and had huge impact, and the drums were pummeling and actually together. The music started to have a character of its own as traces of All Out War and Merauder were taking place of the previous Syracuse/Another Victim influence. I was completely blown away.

01. Suffer The Loss
02. Holding On To What's Left
03. Towards The End

The record came out, they hit the road with 7 Angels 7 Plagues and Wage Of Sin for a 6-7 week US tour. I remember hearing and seeing a lot about them as they were turning heads wherever they went. The Promise was now in motion and about to do our first US tour with Terror and we invited ADFES on that tour. What they were doing wasn't the height of original, but it was sincere and it showed, and that's all people needed to see/hear to be won over.

They did their thing for a few years never quite being able to make it out of the rut that the majority of hardcore bands fall into. The "mosh" tag they were slapped with wasn't sitting well with them as they all had kind of evolved beyond mosh parts and metal breakdowns. Shortly after the tour with The Promise, with a bunch of new songs written that didn't quite hold to the ADFES formula/sound, they decided to kill ADFES and birth Final Word.

Final Word is still active (though irregularly), mainly playing locally and fests. Guitarist, Carl, is also in A Perfect Murder. Guitarist, Fred, was also doing DrugXTest until they recently broke up. Drummer, Ben, left Final Word a few years ago to pursue Throwdown who he currently plays for.

And just when you thought it was over...

January 21, 2006 • Toronto, Ontario
@ The Funhaus (526 Queen Street W)
2:00pm • $20 at the door • All Ages

A DEATH FOR EVERY SIN (one-time reunion)


  1. stacey7:09 PM

    haha when i heard they were playing again i figured you were going to post something.. i met anderson for the first time i think at the adfes/terror tour here cause he recognized me from chicago. but i can't remember if that's when i met you too. i don't think it was though

  2. Yo Buske, I had this record a few years ago and I didnt care for it but now I have listened to the tunes again several times it has finally clicked and I need to order this fucker again!!! Thanxxx bro!! How bout some more music posts please ;P