December 4, 2005

FALLOUT (NYC), "Self-Titled"

The first recorded band from Carnivore/Type O Negative front man, Peter Steele. With only 500 copies made, it's a very rare record and is considered the Holy Grail in terms of anything Type O Negative.

The band was comprised of Peter Steele on bass and vocals, John Campos on guitars, Lou Beato on drums, and Josh Silver on keyboards. After playing mainly in Brooklyn for years, in 1982, they all went their separate ways. Peter and Lou formed Carnivore with Keith Alexander*, and Josh and John formed a band called Original Sin.

Seven years later, Peter and Josh reunited with Kenny Hickey on guitar, and Sal Abruscato on drums (who later quit and join Life Of Agony). That birthed Subzero, who changed their name to Repulsion, and finally ended with Type O Negative.

It's said that there's a recording of another song, "Under The Wheels", possibly floating around that is far superior to both these songs.

01. Rock Hard
02. Batteries Not Included

* Keith Alexander was killed on July 11th, this summer, in a bike accident. Aside from playing with Carnivore, he later went on to play in Primal Scream and then played with Twisted Sister for a few years after that. He had a blog that he maintained up until July 10th, the day before he was killed, that is still online. Tragic.


  1. Dude - you fucking beat me to this post! I actually had planned on posting this record up this week after the discussion from the Toximia demo. Haha...

    "Rock Hard" is killer despite the keys getting in the way. Nice post!

  2. Jesus, those fucking keyboards make me want to kill someone. This 7" would be huge these days with all that hipster synth shit becoming so trendy as of late, ha, ha. Solid songs, but yeah, fuck those keyboards...

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    wow that is not what i was expecting to hear..haha!

    -stace face

  4. I loved that Carnivore record, can't wait to listen to this one.

  5. This is GREAT! I have been looking for this for a long time! THANX