June 10, 2006

Ascension Manifest

"20 years ago the month of December, 1985 we sat in a room and began a conversation. After talking for a couple of weeks we had constructed a vision of where we wanted to go with our music and how far we were willing to go to achieve our goal. We wanted to create a sound that would be shot into space and eventually come down in a million pieces to be found later by others who would understand as we did. We always knew that there was something else at work when we played music together. At times even our friends could hear it. It was something unknown and beyond our comprehension, but we knew its presence. Soon it began to drive us toward our first thought, our commitment, our sacrifice. The trials that we have been through in this time are untold, and they will continue as we are a driven force that will never stop moving in all ways. We have had the absolute pleasure of experiencing life and death in the purest forms. It is that experience that continues our evolution as a family and it is that experience which will bring us closer everyday to our truth. The path that was seen 20 years ago, the vision that we share, our children, our families, our friends, is all that will ever be to us. Our commitment has never wavered, our conversation will continue, and the music is still to be written."

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  1. preeetentious, the scorpions put on a better show.