October 20, 2006

BIG L, "The Big Picture"

Big L, "The Big Picture"
Hip Hop / 2000
A member of Fat Joe's DITC crew, rapper Big L was born Lamont Coleman on May 30, 1974. He made his solo debut with 1995's Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, scoring a series of underground hits including "No Endz, No Skinz," "Street Struck" and "Da Graveyard"; Big L's best-known effort, the single "Ebonics," followed on his own Flamboyant label in the summer of 1998. Around the same time, he joined the Bronx-based hip-hop supergroup DITC (Diggin' in the Crates), appearing on their single, "Dignified Soldiers." On the evening of February 15, 1999, Big L was shot and killed just blocks away from his Harlem home; he was just 24 at the time of his death. Both the DITC album Worldwide and the second Big L solo effort, The Big Picture, followed in 2000.

01. The Big Picture (Intro)
02. Ebonics
03. Size 'Em Up
04. Deadly Combination (Feat. Tupac)
05. '98 Freestyle
06. Holdin' It Down (Feat. Stan Spit, A.G. & Miss Jones)
07. Heist, The
08. Enemy, The (Feat. Fat Joe)
09. Fall Back (Feat. Kool G. Rap)
10. Flamboyant
11. Casualties Of A Dice Game
12. Platinum Plus (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
13. Who You Slidin' Wit (Feat. Stan Spit)
14. Games (Feat. Sadat X & Guru)
15. The Heist Revisted
16. The Triboro (Feat. OC, Fat Joe & Remy Martin)

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