January 9, 2007

JASTA 14, "Bust Demo 1993"

7/17/14: Updated link and added a track from the Over The Edge and Collision With Tradition compilations, both with Jamey still on vocals.


This is the Jasta 14 "Bust" demo from 1993. Featuring Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) on vocals, Greg Burns (Red Sparowes) on bass, Rich Neagle on guitar, Bob Beimler on guitar, and Todd Zullo on drums. The (self-proclaimed) influences for this material range from Integrity to Sick Of It All to hip hop, though I hear a lot of Burn in it myself.

I caught them live on a few occasions around the time of this demo, when Jamey was still in the band, and was always left floored. The band later went on to release a 7" on Centrifuge Records in 1995 with influences ranging from Iceburn to John Coltrane to Slayer (again, self-proclaimed) where Jamey would then go on to begin his career with Hatebreed.

The sound quality of the demo was rather sub par to begin with and after years of dubbing and wear on the tape, the rip isn't going to sound much better. Regardless, enjoy.

JASTA 14 - "Bust" Demo (One track)
01. Trippin Balls
02. Baran
03. Smog
04. Who's To Blame


  1. atarigeek. yo.8:25 PM

    hey! i was at that show! it was at the icon?

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  3. please re-up this!

  4. thanks for this one


  5. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Thanks for posting this, I haven't heard it in ages. I played in Jasta for most of it's history, and you're right, Burn was pretty much our biggest influence.

    That show was indeed at the Icon, and it was sick as fuck. That whole tour was amazing.

  6. Awesome, thanks for leaving a comment.

    I have been listening to the Centrifuge 7" lately and now regret mentioning that it's inferior to the demo in this post - haha.

    Is there any other recorded material besides these 2 releases?

  7. Anonymous9:06 PM

    A bunch of comp tracks. A tune with Jamie called "Broken Records" on the "Endless Fight Vol. 1" comp. I'm pretty sure we did a track for Endless Fight Vol. 2 as well. Shit... There were a bunch of comp tracks, and I can't seem to remember them all.
    There was one track "The Rotted Corpse of Kthulu Shakes Beneath the Surface of the Earth" that was a total laugh. Some cool riffs and breakdowns, but I think it was about 11 minutes long and full of pitch-shifted, backwards vocals and lyrics from the Necronomicon.

    I've got a disc somewhere with every track we ever did on it, but fuck if I know where it is.

    I'll zip it and send it should I find it.


  8. Anonymous9:09 PM

    And yeah. The Centrefuge 7" is pretty rad. The recorded songs were originally longer (the instrumental turned into a 15 minute improv jam session which had some flashes of brilliance along with silly metal solos.

    We had to cut the songs down to fit em on the 7"

  9. Yeah, if you ever come across that disc, I'd happily take a copy from you. That would be dope.

    You in contact with John Dudley (Centrifuge) at all still? I was hanging out with him frequently around the time he released your 7" but have fallen completely out of touch with him. Wouldn't mind catching up.

    Keep me posted. Thanks for stopping by again.

  10. Anonymous12:46 AM

    I was the in the band through it all ( there was a pre bust demo lineup though ) With Pete Kroll? and this metal drummer it was never released ..

    We also had a track on the Endless Fight Vol. 2 called "Broken Existence"

    there's also the 2 compilations that Fernando Pinto at the TUNE INN in new Haven released on his Elevator Music label

    Collision With Tradition compilation
    1994 featured "trippin Balls"

    and Psycho Civilized - Hardcore Compilation 1995 featured " Frnakenstein"

    That's all we had for released music.. we could never really seem to get our shit together.. and finish a fucking song.. We were pretty far ahead of the curve..
    I was looking around for some of my CD for my discography and found you here.. thans for posting the demo .. haven't heard it in 10 + years..

  11. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Im goin nuts trying to find the song "toxic dreamns"

    1. Any luck ever finding that?

    2. Actually Yes. I pestered Todd Zullo (Jasta14 Drummer) for months and he had finally emailed me a rip of it a few months ago. Sadly he passed away today.

    3. Sorry to hear. My condolences.

    4. Anonymous6:01 PM

      wish I could get the source file instead of just youtube ripping

  12. YO! lotsa Jasta 14 records on ebay lately. Just snagged myself a copy. I always remembered seeing the record in the old Very Distro paper catalogs "back in the day". Thanks for this demo post. So I gotta question??? Is Jamie Jasta's real name Jasta or was this his hardcore street-namesake ever since this first band? Which came first chicken or egg? Ha.
    I assume the band name is from this: Jasta 14, an abbreviated form of Jagdstaffel 14, a World War I German fighter squadron?

    1. Anonymous9:07 PM

      Jasta isn't his real last name

  13. Hello , The link was deleted, can you re-upload this album, must be great listen, Thanks in advance.

  14. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Hello! Please reup Bust!!!

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  17. Anonymous10:26 AM

    If there is a scan of the original cover from the demo, that would be great as well!

  18. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I noticed "Toxic Dreams" is on YouTube, anywhere I can get a non transcoded copy?