February 13, 2007

Fun At The Grammy's

My man, Big D DNA, hit me up the other night from the Grammy's after party with some amazing texts and pictures. He does a lot of video stuff for Lamb Of God and rolls deep with them so they took him along to the Grammy's where they were nominated for "best metal artist". They lost to Slayer, who definitely deserve it, but I'd be happier to see Lamb Of God walk away with that shit. Great dudes, they definitely keep it real.

The texts started at 11:44pm with;

I'm at a grammy afterparty with lamb of god and hung with dave grohl and danced with paris hilton! WTF??? Hahahahahahahahhaha. Good fucking times.

4 minutes later, the double-fisted bourbon guzzling must've started to kick in;

I'm wasted$

By 12:44am, the bourbon was deep in his veins;

I'm fucking wasted. Just saw petey and he was noticeably awkward...hahahaha. I wanted to tell him I remember back when he was black...hahahahaha. Didn't though.

Before Petey was this big to-do in Hollywood, he was your typical Chicago hardcore/whigger kid. He had some sweet dreads and even sweeter gear and always had some sketchy ass job and hustled to make money. He used to be a runner for some dude and had to run this black bag all the time... dude never asked or was told what was in it, and as far as I know, still doesn't know. Then he wrote some catchy ass song and now he's tacked on the walls of 14 year old broads bedroom walls around the globe, That's my boy!

(Big D DNA and Petey Wentz DNA)

Back to Big D.

12:55am comes and a picture message is sent;

I was just dancing with smokey robinson. Wtf?

(Big D DNA and Smokey Robinson)

Julie is a big Fergie fan, so I thought I'd be cute and funny to have him snap off a pic with Fergie, so I told him to try and find her if she was there and hit her up. About an hour and 20 minutes later, at 2:11am, he replies;

No fergie. Next time. Met0kevin from "The Office". Told him I love him. He told me he loves me. Totally awesome. Can't wait for u to get back.

(Big D DNA and Kevin from "The Office")

At 2:15am, the booze had claimed all sense of reasoning and maturity and was sent this message;

I was in the middle of the party and yelled out, "I will fight any one of you fake mother fuckers right now!" and nobody took me up on my offer. Haha.

The text conversation ended there, but the following morning, a phone call revealed some other amazing encounters such as Lamb Of God egging on the ignorance to the point where Big D was offered money to tackle Paris Hilton's bodyguard (who was apparently giving him the stink eye all night). Trying to get the attention of Mark's (LOG guitarist) wife, Kerry, he yelled her name just as Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction was walking by. Perry thought his name was called so he turns around to Big D and says something, to which he was replied to with;

I wasn't talking to you, buddy.

Small man, big mouth strikes.


  1. Ha, ha, ha, that's good stuff...

  2. erin mayo10:16 PM

    ok this is seriously amazing. doug rules.