March 22, 2007

FUELD BY FIRE, "Spread The Fire!!!"

Thrash is making a serious comeback, and these dudes are definitely aiding in its return. Their whole appearance, sound, artwork, stage presence, and banter is straight from the 80's heyday of thrash. They even sport skin tight jeans with crispy white hi-tops and leather jackets. That's a true headbangers uniform of choice.

The riffing on this record is amazing. Blazing fast with classic thrash picking patterns but it's done well enough that it's still original and refreshing. The production sounds like it could have been recorded in the 80's with the dry drum tones, reverbed vocals, and extremely high mid-range guitar crunch, but it fits the music perfectly.

Their myspace has a Metal Blade logo on it but checking Metal Blade for more information reveals nothing. Perhaps they are on Metal Blade now, I don't know?! The videos on YouTube look like they put on a great show. Definitely backing the circle pit call outs in every song, as they seem to have made the circle pit a part of their whole forte (note: see cover art).

A great release from a very young band. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from these guys.

More info at Metal-Archives.

Fueled By Fire, Spread The Fire!!!
(Annialation Records, 2006)
DOWNLOAD / Password: malphas

01. Intro: Ernest Goest To Hell
02. Thrash Is Back
03. Striking Death
04. Spread The Fire!!!
05. Betrayal
06. Massive Execution
07. Metal Forever
08. Dreams Of Terror
09. Command Of The Beast

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