March 18, 2007

PAPOOSE Mixtape Discography

"The album is your diploma. The mixtapes are high school. The album is like-it's a whole different level. You're reaching a whole new level. Everything is strategic that I did. From "Sharades," to "Monopoly," to "Chess," I dropped 17 mixtapes. The album is a whole other level from the mixtapes." The Heatmakerz, Swizz Beats, DJ Premier, Kanye West, DR Period and Pharrell Williams will be producing part of the album. Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Benny Donaghy have also been speculated. Nas may feature on a track, and possibly Talib Kweli. The album is loosely slated for release around May of 2007.
"At the end of the day, my material, my music speaks for itself. I never came into this with no gimmick. I never had to diss nobody to get no attention. I always came with pure talent, pure material. I ain't gon let ya'll down with this album, straight up and down. My album gon' make history."
Papoose, Mixtape Discography
17 Albums (2005—2006)

01. Papoose - Art & War
02. Papoose - Street Knowledge
03. Papoose - The Beast From The East
04. Papoose - Election Day
05. Papoose - A Moment Of Silence
06. Papoose - Underground King
07. Papoose - Sharades
08. Papoose - Mixtape Murder
09. Papoose - A Bootlegger's Nightmare
10. Papoose - Bedstuy Do or Die
11. Papoose - Unfinished Business
12. Papoose - Menace II Society: Part 2
13. Papoose - A Threat And A Promise
14. Papoose - The Boyz In The Hood
15. Papoose - The 1.5 Million Dollar Man
16. Papoose - Second Place Is The First Loser
17. Papoose - The Fourth Quarter Assassin

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