August 8, 2007


From the sounds of the name, you'd expect some guttural death metal, blast beat, pick squealing sounding band.

Rag Men played with this band in Austin in 2004, I believe. We never really played with bands outside the hardcore scene, so when they started setting up, I was interested in watching them since they were all older, grubby-looking, long haired dudes and if I remember correctly, a 3-piece.

Their live show was very tight and definitely entertaining. I remember watching them and thinking they sounded like a more punk version of The Melvins, Tad and Unsane. Listening to the CD, I hear hints of Helmet in the drumming and I still back the Melvins/Tad/Unsane musical reference.

I chatted with the singer for a bit after their set and he was kind enough to give me a shirt and this CD. It had no insert, just a CD with contact info, a website (that is no longer online) and the track listing. I tried digging up some info on them to no avail, but this is the contact info on the CD if anyone is interested in contacting them;

603 W. 13th 1A-416
Austin, TX 78701

Whether they're even a band, or not, anymore... I have no idea, but this is some good, original shit that shouldn't go unheard.

Remains Of Something Human, s/t(Self-released, 2004)

01. Shadow Of Doubt
02. Apology
03. Judge
04. Just Praying
05. Farapuck
06. Letter To Paul
07. Loser
08. The Crowning
09. Baton Rouge
10. Slowly Surrounding
11. One Of The Words
12. Still On Trial

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