August 2, 2007


This might be one of my favorite recorded live sets from a hardcore band that I've ever heard. As corny as Ray Cappo can be at times, his stage banter and stage presence has always been top-fucking-notch. The dude knows how to keep the energy of a live setting extremely high, especially back in these days.

I have friends who were at this show who said that it was a completely indescribable and that still hold it in their "best shows of all-time" catalog. On this specific recording, his between song banter and speeches, literally, give me chills they're so hard.
"This is an old song, and it's dedicated to all the kids that can see beyond all the bullshit cloudiness, rise above and see the light. It's called Positive Outloooooooooook!"
The recording is actually very tolerable for a non-sound board recording and being from 1987. The sound person gets a little crazy at times with the vocal effects, but aside from that, this shit is all energy, emotion and hardcore. Get into it.

YOUTH OF TODAY, Live: Buffalo, NY
(Live Bootleg, 1987)

01. Make A Change
02. Positive Outlook
03. Stabbed In The Back
04. Can't Close My Eyes
05. Take A Stand
06. One Family
07. Thinking Straight
08. Youth Of Today
09. Expectations
10. Stand Hard
11. Together

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