September 21, 2007


It's very rare these days that I find and hear a hardcore band that just grabs a hold of me and captures my utmost interest. You'd think with the amount of bands I play with throughout the year, I'd have an endless supply of demos and new shit to absorb, but truth is 99.9% of it either sucks or is completely unoriginal and boring to listen to.

When my man, Kitzel, at Reaper Records hit me up to check out one of his possible new signings, I was welcomely blown away but what he played me — Trapped Under Ice from Baltimore, Maryland. 3 incredible songs with a very simple recording, yet very fitting. The riffs range from straight Hatebreed-esque to early Breakdown to layered melodic accents ala Turning Point or Burn with some Biohazard style soloing thrown in for good measure. The vocals have perfect placement and the accents are right on the money with the riffs.

Without a doubt, one the most anticipated bands and releases for me for 2008.

Check out their demo below and wait until you hear the beginning of the second song. Fucking brilliant and incredible.

Trapped Under Ice, Demo 2007
(Self-released, 2007)
DOWNLOAD | Myspace | Lyrics

01. Soul Vice
02. Reality Unfolds
03. Evelyn


  1. One word, awesome. Hit me straight away, i want to hear more from these guys soon as possible!

  2. You will do what I say, when I say,
    Trapped Under Ice!
    You will die when I say, you must die,
    Trapped Under Ice!


  3. The bigger guitar player actually has a Metallica tattoo. Go figure.

  4. Definitely good shit, thanks for the tip. I'll keep an eye out for more...

  5. There's at least two more tracks by them floating around. I think their demo was a 5-track, but they only put 3 up on their myspace.