January 30, 2008

ALPHA & OMEGA, "Demo 2007"

Hailing from Los Angeles, ALPHA & OMEGA are a fairly new band, fronted by my bud Luis, and have just recently added Edgar from Piece By Piece on guitar as well. Think Blacklisted with a bit of Iron Age thrown in and some very cool melodies to mix things up a bit. Great song writing, hard riffs and lots of energy.

Alpha & Omega, Demo (Self-released, 2007)
DOWNLOAD | Myspace

01. Burned
02. Devil's Bed
03. Brick By Brick


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  2. We think alike my friend..... fucking love this band, I didn't even know you posted this up ha.

  3. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Heh, nice you and Lee posted both this same time. Good that i posted it already last year. Amazing demo, hope that they are going to put out something soon!