January 30, 2008

ALPHA & OMEGA, Demo 2007

Hailing from Los Angeles, ALPHA & OMEGA are a fairly new band, fronted by my friend (and former tour manager), Luis and have just recently added my man Edgar from Piece By Piece on guitar as well.

Think Blacklisted with a bit of Iron Age thrown in and some very cool melodies to mix things up a bit. The Blacklisted influence is a bit too heavy at times, but in due time I can see that being worked out. Great song writing, hard riffs and lots of energy.

Looking forward to seeing what 2008 brings for these dudes. They're on, I dig it.

Alpha & Omega, Demo
(Self-released, 2007)
DOWNLOAD | Myspace

01. Burned
02. Devil's Bed
03. Brick By Brick


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  2. We think alike my friend..... fucking love this band, I didn't even know you posted this up ha.

  3. Heh, nice you and Lee posted both this same time. Good that i posted it already last year. Amazing demo, hope that they are going to put out something soon!