February 16, 2008

GODSPEED, "Swimmer's Ear"

"So, brick by brick I build this wall, but don't worry... you'll find me."
The criminally unheard EP featuring members of TURNING POINT. I remember getting this and expecting to hear something reminiscent of TP and much to my surprise, didn't, and was more than pleased at that. Even in 1993 being a stubborn vegan edger who only liked dumbed down chug-core and fast, violent hardcore, this record kicked my ass. Skip always had the best translation of emotion from voice to wax and this record showcases that at it's finest.

Godspeed, Swimmer's Ear
(Temperance, 1993)

01. April
02. Written Word
03. Flume
04. Daylight Savings Time
05. Swimmer's Ear
06. Nothing Things


  1. Wow. This brings back memories! IND did a few of our early recordings at a studio called Why Me? way out in the woods of New Jersey somewhere. Jay from TP was interning there and learning how to be an engineer I guess at the time we met him. He told us he was doing a new band called Godspeed. We were like "huh?"

  2. Have you ever heard the Memorial Day stuff that Skip did after this? Features ex-members of MPB on drums.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! I forgot about that.

  4. The elusive B. Wallace.

    Dude, Sick and Tired '08? I think this is our year. If I listen to Desperate Measures one more time that thing is gonna snap.

  5. ive been wanting to get my hands on this for the past year. thanx man. back when it came out i had like 50 of them in my distro and couldnt give them away. go figure id want to revisit it 15 years later. can't wait to hear it again.

  6. Love this EP, and it is indeed "criminally unheard". I've had a handful of people email me over the years asking if I'd send them this. The more "emo"-ish sounding Turning Point stuff totally kicks ass, too. God damn I love that shit so much.

  7. any chance ya can re-up this..i would be much appreciated

  8. link is dead please upload new