May 29, 2008

CANIBUS, "C Of Tranquility"

This is the 2008 promo EP, "C Of Tranquility" that was available on his Myspace for download. Nothing short of amazing, as always. If you've never heard Canibus, this is a great 6-song sampler to wet your lips with. If you already know him, I don't have to say anything more.

Canibus, C Of Tranquility
(Myspace, 2008)
DOWNLOAD | Myspace

01. Captain Cold Crush
02. Pine Cone Poems (Part 2)
03. U.S.M.C.
04. Worthlessness Purpose
05. "C" Of Trqlty '07
06. C Of Tranquility


  1. I've had 2000 B.C. since it came out. Dude really does have amazing rhyming skills and he's one of the best freestylers I've ever heard.

    That said - I think the reason he's remained so underground is because he's pretty cocky. And in being so, he's alienated a lot of people. Like you mentioned, he beefs with just about everyone. I don't think that's helped his situation.

    I honestly never really gave the dude much of a shot past his first two albums, but I'll have to check these tracks out and see if he's still 'got it'.

  2. Definitely get up to date with him, at least with this newer shit and last years "For Whom The Beat Tolls". There is a 1,000 bar, 11-minute long song on that. Incredible.

    Just read his Wikipedia, explains some of his beefs on there. You nailed it.

  3. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Bis is cocky, but also very humble. I see why he's cocky though. If you listen to sngs like Genabis, Poet Laureate II, Poet Laureate Infinity, Some of his name a few, you'll see why he is and CAN be cocky. Almost all rappers are cocky, so nothin new there either. In everyone of his beefs, he was diss 1st and retaliated. He never tried to start beef. Read up on it. And on For Whom The Beat Tolls, you only get 2 mixed layers of the 5 200bar layers of the song. The total song is 1000bars, but it's not on the album, just a taste. The entire song is 50mins long.