May 26, 2008

EVILE, "All Hallows Eve"

One of my new favorite bands to pop up and completely blow me away. They were once a Metallica cover band and their love for (good) Metallica shines through in their song writing and sound. Traces of Sepultura and Exodus are also noticeable. They released an incredible full-length on Earache last year entitled, "Enter The Grave" — definitely check that out, a real masterpiece. This is their 2004 debut EP, "All Hallows Eve".

If anyone has the demos they released between this record and the latest, I'd love to hear them, so please get in touch.

Evile, All Hallows Eve
(Self-released, 2004)
DOWNLOAD | Myspace

01. Killer From The Deep
02. Dawn Of Destruction
03. Prophecy
04. The Living Dead
05. All Hallows Eve
06. Torment


  1. This is actually surprisingly good. I like thrash and thrash metal a lot but it seems like every newer "thrash" band just wants to play fast and doesn't want to add any groove into it and thats half of the formula if you ask me. It makes the fast parts seem faster and the slow parts seem heavier if you ask me by adding in a little mid-tempo groove to break everything up.

    Also, Favorite NYHC band poll and no Cro-Mags or Leeway? For shame.

  2. Agreed. The more I find other newer thrash bands, the more I think Municipal Waste is boring as shit. How they have become the staple new thrash band is beyond me. Violator, Bonded By Blood and Evile reign supreme for me.

    That poll was kind of a trial thing. I have mad love for Leeway and Cro-Mags, but much for Madball, AF and of course my all-time favorites - The Icemen.

  3. I agree, the Waste is way overhyped now. They were/are good and funny but it seems like they buy in way too much of the "omgz we're a thrash band post 1989" thing and don't put a lot of time into their new material. Never heard Violator or Bonded by Blood, but one of them is named after an Exodus album so it can't be all bad (even though I saw one of their shows recently and fell asleep, literally). And I guess I never got into the super "tough" mentality of AF or Madball because I'm a scrawny midwestern nerd. To each his own though.

  4. Jeff, what up!

    Im on board with Jeffs comments on Thrash. Its all about the groove. And that goes for lots of music. Its actually one of my complaints with music today in general. So many bands in an attempt to find a new sound are doing one of two things: playing as many riffs in the smallest amount of time possible or stripping it down to its most basic parts. Both of these approaches neglect to honor the almighty riff. It is something I personally need to latch onto, and it why I still listen to a lot of old hardcore. They grooved like bats out of hell. Today is all showmanship or sparseness. I dont neeed new, I need the same damn sounds that have been making me froth for over a decade.

    [end rant]

    ps. didnt Mackie play drums in The Icemen?

  5. Yes, Mackie played drums on "Rest In Peace", which is their only official release as THE ICEMEN. Everything released after was an imitation of The Icemen that Carl (the singer) did to keep the band going (without Mackie, Marco, or Noah - the original line-up).