May 23, 2008

INVERACITY, "Extermination Of Millions"

Time to flip the script a little bit and get metal over here. In a recent discussion at Zen Face Punch, it was suggested that I up some of my growing collection of death metal (a genre that I have always liked, but never dug into further than the typical popular bands — Deicide, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Decapitated — and such).

For the past year, or so, I have been grabbing records of just about every death metal band that I come across — unless the name is absolutely retarded, which means it's safe to say the music is probably equally as retarded. Case in point, Cumbeast. The song "Schlong Kong" starts with a sample from a porno movie of a guy asking where to shoot his load with machine guns blaring on top of that. Kinda silly if you ask me. I kept this record for sheer comic value, in case you're wondering.

In my quest to find good, current death metal, I came across a record titled, "Extermination Of Millions" by a band from Greece called, Inveracity. The logo was legible, the name was normal and the title of the record wasn't absurd, so I gave it a shot. First thing I noticed was the length of the songs weren't ridiculously long which instantly perked my interest. I'm a dumb hardcore dude with no attention span, through and through, so I like my music quick and to the point. I don't have the patience to listen to a 6-minute long metal song. That shit is suppose to come in, bash your face in and get the fuck out. That's the essence of heavy music to me. These songs all clock in around the 2 and a half minute mark, which is a perfect length.

It's your usual death metal style but done with a little more tact than most death metal bands these days. Great production, tolerable vocals and amazing breakdowns and tempo changes. They have been around since 2000 with a few demos, a split and another full-length ("Circle of Perversion") which I have yet to hear released. This is their 2007 full-length, "Extermination Of Millions". Enjoy!

Inveracity, "Extermination Of Millions"
(Unique Leader Records, 2007)
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01. Exposing The Semi Humans
02. Visions Of Coming Apocalypse
03. Extermination Of Millions
04. Forced Prostitution
05. Shrouded In Solitary
06. Vicious Pretension
07. Behind The Walls Of Derangement
08. Slavery
09. The Era Of Submission
10. Raped
11. Before The Uncreation


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  2. Heh. I'm going the opposite direction. I ran a metal webzine for years ( and recently started discarding a lot of the CDs I had because I realized that most of it was worthless. I still love me some death metal, but I'm picky as to which bands I'll listen to in that genre.

    I actually reviewed "Circle Of Perversion" by Inveracity on there though, a couple years ago. It was a good record - pretty much like you said. It doesn't push any metal boundaries, but it's pretty straightforward, brutal stuff.

    Have you checked out Devourment or Waco Jesus? Both are pretty awesome.

  3. I haven't checked out Devourment or Waco Jesus yet, but I definitely will. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Another band for you to possibly check out (hell you might know it already) Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh. Great fucking record and most of the music is less than 4 minutes long so still within the span of your attention.

  5. I have the BLOODBATH "Breeding Death" EP. Definitely into it — it's got a lot of groove and personality. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Jeff, you got me into At The Gates if you remember.

    I checked out some Fleshless and thought it was pretty ill. Enough to put it on my iPod and rock the subway system with it.

    How was the Skarhead show?

  7. Awesome, there's a ton of good shit out there that I bet you'd be into. I'll do my best to lead you towards the light (or the darkness, for evil's sake).

    Skarhead show was a good time. The fire marshall came and wouldn't allow the outdoor BBQ festivities, but aside from that, show was dope. MAXIMUM PENALTY, for me, was the highlight. Skarhead had a back-up band playing with them who were kinda sloppy and didn't really add much flavor on stage, but Ezec and PR Myke were on point regardless. Got bombed and made it home at about 5:00am the next morning, so I guess it was a good night - haha.

  8. Tim I TOTALLY forgot I was the first to suggest At the Gates to you. Lets see that album came out like when I was 6 and you were probably 16 at the time and somehow a decade and a half later I'm the one suggesting it to YOU! Hahahaha

    P.s. this is an awesome blog, mine's really new (like this weekend new) but if you could link mine I'd be really appreciative. I've got a lot of midwest hardcore/metal coming up in the next week.