June 9, 2008


In a recent discussion regarding a band that I always seem to pushing onto people and promoting, DISSOLVE, a few people had never heard them and are eager to, so I have reupped the records from my previous posts here and here about the band in one nice bundle (see below).

It was also just brought to my attention that the previously recorded and unreleased album, 'Caveman Of The Future' will finally see the light of day on Trip Machine Laboratories. Being a huge fan of the band for many years now, I found a digital copy of this record through some friends and have been thoroughly enjoying the brilliance for some time now. However, a hard copy will obviously be acquired once it's released and in honor of that day, I'm not going to post the record, as I highly suggest buying it if you like what you hear here. They have 2 songs on their Myspace from the new record if you'd like to hear the semi-modern version of Dissolve seeing as these releases are from the early/mid-90's.

July 18th at The Polish Club in Poughkeepsie, NY there will be a record release show for the forthcoming full-length.


'Dismantle' (1995)
'Graverobber' EP (2001)
'Over The Edge' compilation tracks (1993)


  1. I remember Turmoil playing with these dudes once or twice. One of the few interesting bands at that time who were at least attempting to push the envelope at the time!

  2. jxw — They've been pushing the envelope since I first heard them on that Over The Edge compilation. Them and DIVE, to me, were the standout bands on that thing because they both had such a different, unique sound.

    DMD — No problem, let me know what you think and listen for that reference I mentioned on that Resurrection disc.

  3. I never heard of this band until you started posting information on them and I totally got hooked from the first song I heard.

    Oh I need a design/logo for my blog.. if you have any free time, help a nigga out... Let me know.

    I would die to see these guys live.

  4. this is awesome news. i would love to be able to get to that Poughkeepsie show too.

    I cant believe Trip Machine is still around. I havent heard that name in a while.

    thanks for Dismantle and the EP!


    they have an awesome video of Graverobber on their Myspace

  6. Yeah, man. I've had that record in heavy rotation from the day I bought it in 1995. Those songs never get old to me and those lyrics still make want to smash holes in things.

    Looking forward to catching these dudes one day again.

    Glad you guys dig it.

  7. Thanks for posting about the CD and show. Info and directions can be found at www.myspace.com/glacialproductions


  8. CD is available as of 6.24.08

    it can be purchased at:





    Trying to work out a NYC show for the band.

    I'm psyched people have interest.


  9. I'll be ordering that this evening and I look forward to (hopefully) seeing Dissolve again soon. Let me know if there is anything I can do help get them here in NYC.