June 26, 2008

NO WARNING, "Ill Blood"

"Who's it gonna be that fills your big name, while you sleep with one eye open in the hall of shame? Is it time for a career change? I won't be your stepping stone. I'll do fine on my own. It has been reached - an all new low."

A few years back, this band from Toronto popped onto the scene and literally changed the face of hardcore as we know it in its current state and trend. Their name — No Warning.

They combined the best elements of Breakdown, Cro-Mags and other NYHC gems with an updated and current take and impressed and won over a lot of people from the old school to the new. They released an impressive 7-inch on Martyr Records in 2001, which was later re-released on Bridge Nine with different artwork later that year. Soon to follow was the incredible and refreshing (and highly imitated) full-length, "Ill Blood".

After coming into contact with manager and producer from Sum 41, No Warning took the opportunity presented to them to reach a much wider audience, hence changing their sound and image a bit. They recorded, "Suffer, Survive" in 2004 and released it on Machine Shop Record, a label owned by Linkin Park. Though it had its moments, it didn't quite live up to the standards of "Ill Blood" and ultimately led to the bands demise in 2005.

Members have gone on to do Millennial Reign, Fucked Up, Thunder City, Marvelous Darlings, Snake Of Eden and Surplus Sons.

No Warning, Ill Blood(Bridge Nine Records, 2002)
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01. Behind These Walls
02. No Time For You
03. Answer The Call
04. Short Fuse
05. Wound Up
06. Growing Silent
07. Caught In The Web
08. All New Low
09. Over My Shoulder
10. Leech
11. Pushing On
12. Ill Blood

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  1. dude always had the best stage banter.

    "you know what that sound is... that's a guitar"