September 4, 2008

BEASTIE BOYS, "Aglio E Olio"

(Beastie Boys Live At The Kitchen, 1983)

As, I'm sure, 9/10 of you know ... prior to being a hip hop group, Beastie Boys were a punk/hardcore group who even before going by that name were called The Young Aboriginies and The Young And The Useless. In 1995, years after exploding in the hip hop world, Beastie Boys returned to their roots and released, "Aglio E Olio". I've never really followed Beastie Boys much after "Licensed To Ill", so, I just heard this for the first time myself and am loving it. Enjoy.

Beastie Boys, Aglio E Olio
(Capitol Records, 1995)

01. Brand New
02. Deal With It
03. Believe Me
04. Nervous Assistant
05. Square Wave In Unison
06. You Catch A Bad One
07. I Can't Think Straight
08. I Want Some

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