September 3, 2008

INFEST, "No Man's Slave"

"Here I am feeling mean, can’t escape this fucking dream. Sometimes I lose control, somehow I have lost my soul. Sometimes I just don’t give a fuck!"
There's not much to be said about this release that hasn't been said a million times before. If you have yet to hear it, grab it now and prepare yourself for, in my opinion, one of the rawest and realest conversions of anger, hate, rage and frustration ever to be released.

With the average song clocking in around :30 seconds, there's no time for bullshit and stupidity. There's a reason why this record is a classic. Find out now, if you haven't already.

Infest, No Man's Slave
(Deep Six Records, 2002)
Myspace (unofficial) | Lyrics

01. Cold Inside
02. Feeling Mean
03. Sick Machine
04. Upright Mass
05. Terminal Nation
06. In His Name
07. Behind This Tongue
08. What's Your Claim?
09. True Violence
10. Sickman
11. Punchline
12. Contact
13. Effort Falls Down
14. You're A Star
15. Freeze Dried
16. Rabid Pigs
17. Lying To Myself
18. Nazi Killer
19. My World, Wy Way



  1. what ever happened to playing "You're A Star" anyway?

  2. No idea. We were going to record it for an Infest covers compilation too at one point. Who knows. One of TPHC's many fall-through's.

  3. right, i just remembered.
    case in point - emusic!

    p.s. it's "He Dances For Nickles"

  4. We got free studio time out of it, fuck it.

    "Nickels", amended.

  5. christ.
    it's Nickels.

  6. Yo, sweet blog you have hear mr. Buske, some good tunes. I do one myself, would you like to swap links and be e-friends? I don't upload music in mine but I do review CDs every week:

    Escape from New York

    I also really like that Ringworm song.