December 24, 2008

FEAR, "Fuck Christmas"

"Don't despair just because it's Christmas. Children they're all so gay at Christmas. All the children on the street, hope they get something good to eat. But for me it's not so great. Fuck Christmas!"
"Fuck Christmas" b/w "(Beep) Christmas" is the second single by FEAR. It was recorded during the sessions that produced their debut The Record, but was not released until months later. The single's A-side was later added as a bonus track to the CD reissue of The Record. "(Beep) Christmas" is identical to "Fuck Christmas" but with censored profanity, done as a way to promote the single on radio.

FEAR, Fuck Christmas
(Slash Records, 1982)

01. Fuck Christmas
02. Fuck Christmas (Edit)



  1. Fear takes me way the fuck back, yessir.

    I was stuck on Merry Xmas I don't want to fight tonite and Fairytale of NY this year.

    I guess Xmas in Hollis as well.

    But that's a given.

    [formerly ultraviolence, now bluesmith]

  2. This was the only Xmas tune I had in rotation this year, mainly because it summed up exactly how I felt.

  3. Definitely listened to this track more than a few times this Christmas season.

    Got that blog back up, btw, with a ton of Uploads, ceck it out if you get a chance.

  4. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described