January 10, 2009

AV Discography

In 1997, I went to see my friends new band play. I had yet to hear them but was told that I was going to love them since they were the perfect blend of A Chorus Of Disapproval and Integrity. I watched them as they played and as was expected, floored. I made a passive aggressive joke that they needed a second guitar player and that I was going to be him. A week later, I joined Another Victim.

We put out a bunch of releases on a bunch of different labels. We had some live recordings floating around and demo versions of unreleased songs floating round as well. Everything we ever recorded has been compiled as a 37 track CD discography and is available for pre-sale orders now at Closed Casket Activities. We are also releasing a limited 5" vinyl of the "For The Liars & Cheaters" demo (our final recording) which is also available now.


Another Victim, "A Bitter End: The Complete Discography"

Hailing from the same Syracuse, NY, hometown of genre standard bearers, friends, and supporters Earth Crisis, Another Victim's lyrics attacked drug and animal abuse, pornography, and racism as savagely as their brutal hardcore/metal-oriented music attacked listeners.

For the first time in years this late ninety's straight edge hardcore band will finally be back in print. This 37 track, 2xCD discography features every release, demo, split and compilation track the band has ever put out. It also features two unreleased tracks meant to appear on the "Apocalypse Now" record as well as a complete live set from there home town of Syracuse, NY.

Members of Another Victim went on to play in acts such as Terror, Unholy, The Promise, One King Down, Santa Sangre, Path Of Resistance, When Tigers Fight, Freya, Rag Men and It's Alive.

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