January 19, 2009


So, this morning after walking the dog and having a heated verbal confrontation over my supposed neglect of cleaning up her feces on my block, I returned home with an IM from my man Nick in Montreal. Me and Nick always share our insight on music and tend to dissect riffs like musical surgeons. This morning, he gave me a heads up on a fun band featuring members from Ohio death metallers, Nunslaughter called Satanic Threat.

Musically, Satanic Threat is a perfect throwback to 80's punk/hardcore. Think Minor Threat meets Uniform Choice/Unity with Craig Ahead on vocals. You'd never think this was written and recorded post-1983. Lyrically, this is where Satanic Threat is a standout and makes them fun. The lyrics are anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-religion, anti-praying — you get the idea, but sung in the same pattern as Minor Threat songs. Example, "Cursing At The Cross" is sung in the same vocal pattern as "Screaming At A Wall". "Guilty Of Hating Christ" mimmicks the vocals of "Guilty Of Being White", and so on.

A very fun record to listen to if you don't mind the blasphemy. Definitely check it out and stop by their Myspace. The 7-inch seems to be sold out and I couldn't find whether it is going to be repressed. If it is going to be repressed, someone feel free to let me know and I will delete the download, otherwise, these songs shouldn't go unheard.

Satanic Threat "In To Hell"
(Hells Headbangers Records / Gloom Records, 2008)
DOWNLOAD | Myspace

01. Guilty Of Hating Christ
02. He's On The Cross
03. Small God, Big Cross
04. Satanic Threat
05. I Ain't Gotta Worship
06. Being Black
07. Cursing At The Cross
08. Don't Follow Him


  1. I seriously thought humor in hardcore was over and done for, but this record is almost at a Crucial Youth level of brilliance. The packaging for this baby is nuts too.

  2. grabbed it and gave it a listen. it is good for a lol.

  3. you can still find copies of this over at revhq and interpunk (most likely in limited supply). a little spendy, but a fun record & cool packaging. thanks for posting the mp3s! i get too lazy to rip anything these days.

  4. Holy shit this is fucking awesome

  5. This was so awesome. Thanks for posting.

  6. Nate who released it has posted it on his own blog so I guess he doesn't mind if it's posted elsewhere too!

    at least he didn't complain when I told him that I have posted it on my blog...

  7. What blog does Nate do?

  8. this one:


  9. Nate's blog is the illest.

  10. ahh! this is awesome! i wanted to buy this when i found out about it. i'll check revhq, but yeah, great shit!!

  11. it makes me feel old to think I haven't listened to this in a few years, damn it was released nearly ten years ago... I remember having a hard time tracking one of these babies down, but it was worth the hunt