March 6, 2010

MALICE, 2 Song Demo

It's amazing how many good YOUNG hardcore bands are out right now. It seems like every week, someone is turning me on to a new band filled with young ass kids writing and playing some very impressive hardcore. And you say hardcore is dead — shame on you all.

Amongst this sea of musical greatness I've been floating in for the past few months, yesterday I was absolutely floored by a demo from a seemingly-mysterious band called Malice.

Check this shit out;



  1. Alex Russin chimed in and gave a little bit more info on Malice;

    "MALICE-15 yr old singer. Jaimie from title fight/bad seed wrote and played everything on demo (but vox). But now theres a real band for it."

  2. I actually really like this. 15 yrs old?? I feel old. haha

  3. band sounds good, word!

  4. Hey man

    I justread the LION crew post you made and wondered if you have any info on the release of their record on 1917?its quite a time since they announced it.are they still a band?
    can you tell me something? i loved the stuff they rleased.

    cheers from germany