January 16, 2011


Gluttons is a band from Cleveland featuring the one and only Human Furnace from the legendary Ringworm on vocals and guitar as well as Chris Dora, who did time in both Ringworm and Integrity, on drums.

These 4 songs are a perfect blend of Ringworm, Motörhead and early crusty punk, ala Discharge. Furnace's vocals don't stray too far from the Ringworm style but expect a much more (heavy) rock driven musical approach with these songs. I was fortunate enough to see them a couple years back at a dive bar in Syracuse, and live, this shit hits you 10x harder than recorded.

How this band has seemed to slip through the cracks is beyond me... but then again, how Ringworm has continually slipped through the cracks year after year equally boggles my mind.


01. Point Break
02. Hook And The Daggers
03. Rip And Shred
04. Morning Queen
05. Shell Shock

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