March 9, 2011


If you are familiar with Only Living Witness, you would know that the name of this band (I can only assume) came from the title of a song of the same name on their "Prone Mortal Form" record — a record that has seemed to slip through the cracks throughout the years in terms of appreciated releases. The ones who appreciate OLW and their records, truly appreciate them... and it's apparent that the guys in Twitching Tongues do. 

They have done an extremely fine job of building a band with a sound of their own based on the influence of not only Only Living Witness but Type O Negative as well, as heard on the song "Loveless Nightmare". Coming from the Los Angeles hardcore scene, these guys breathe a very welcoming breath of fresh air into what is typically a stale musical environment in terms of originality and creativity in song writing. Definitely check them out if you're into any of aforementioned bands or are looking to broaden your tastes in terms of hardcore. They do a fine job of blending melodramatic emotional lyrics and tones with some extremely heavy riffing at times. Quickly becoming a favorite of mine in recent years. 

01. No Gold
02. Razor's Edge
03. Loveless Nightmare


  1. Man, OLW was such a great band, and especially Prone Mortal Form ruled my household and players die such a long time back then....
    TT are not just a copy, but they take this Inspiration and make it their own. Cool Songs

  2. Most bands these days are just copies of bands they are influenced by. There's barely anything new under the sun, musically — especially when it comes to Hardcore. But, like I said, they do a fine job of taking their heavy influence from OLW and morphing into a unique sound of their own.

    New full-length record will be dropping soon. Looking forward to seeing the song development from the demo up until now.