March 10, 2011

WARHOUND, "Return Of The Hardstyle" (2011)

WARHOUND, Promo Demo
Younger dudes from Chicago with the ultimate NYHC-inspired band. The Biohazard, Crown Of Thornz/Skarhead influence is beyond incredible but again, they manage to morph it into a very unique sound of their own and keep it quite interesting throughout the entire demo. They released an official demo last year that dropped it just as hard as this does and they've been grinding since, getting their name out there. These songs are a self-released promotional demo for an upcoming full-length they will be releasing through I Scream Records.

WARHOUND, Return Of The Hardstyle
01. Return Of The Hardstyle
02. Reality Check
03. The Path Of The Wicked
04. Despair


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