July 22, 2013


May I introduce to you "Satan's Country", a song by Black Prism — a Los Angeles’ psychedelic doom band who are set to release their debut 7” single through Easy Rider Records on August 31.  “Who are these guys and how have I never seen or heard them play before?” will be the first thing that you will think after you hear this ripping tune. Satan’s Country is for more than just doom-metal fanatics—this is an epic record for all fans of guitar driven rock and roll, stoner rock, and good times.

On Satan’s Country, Black Prism successfully make an “instant classic” in the realm of early 70’s Black Sabbath inspired acid rock at it’s finest with a Manson Family aesthetic that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Satan’s Country is an unholy conception of hard rock ritual and cinematic kismet; like a shot in the vein of fellow ‘born-outta-timers’ Uncle Acid, The Deadbeats and Kadavar.

Pre-orders for the vinyl are available now with a special pre-order pricing of $6.66 and the track is available for free download from the Soundcloud app below.


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