July 23, 2013


My admiration for Twitching Tongues is and has been no secret and of no shame. I love a challenge, musically, and it took me some time to be convinced of this band (at least earlier on in their demo days), but once it clicked upon hearing the [previously mentioned] release of the "Insane & Inhumane" single... it clicked.

The release of their debut full length, Sleep Therapy helped nail in any loose corners down and it helped to solidify the certainty I wasn't previously so certain about — and again... it clicked.

Fast forward another couple months and they release the Preacher Man EP. Where "Insane & Inhumane" rocked me the first I heard it, "Preacher Man" did/does just the same. Paired with "Feed Your Disease", the hardest and heaviest Twitching Tongues song to date and an incredible reproduction of Candlemass' "At The Gallow's End", it was evident that a hungry monster was among us and you could either...

"...die in pain or live another day. You've gotta fight to survive. This is..."

Twitching Tongues’ new album, In Love There Is No Law, is out August 20th on Closed Casket Activities. Order here.

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