July 25, 2013


If there's at least one thing you can rely on Reaper Records for, it's quality Hardcore music and their latest installment of that comes from none other than Chula Vista riff slam masters, Take Offense, with a premiere track off their latest full length, United States Of Mind.

If the band's name is yet to be familiar to you, welcome. For those already welcomed into the TO Zone, prepare yourselves for the most mature version of Take Offense yet both musically and production-wise on this new track, "Place Your Bet". Produced by Nick Jett, who also produced the band's last EP entitled Under The Same Shadow, the artist/producer relationship has also matured greatly and with an inside ear on the completed record, Take Offense fans new and old will be pleased on the growth.

Be sure to check out www.TOZONEHC.com for pre-orders on United States Of Mind as well as some limited singles, bundle packages and merchandise.

2013 is about to be sonically decimated.

Hear for yourselves.

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