August 8, 2013

BATTLE RUINS, Promo Tape (2013)

BATTLE RUINS are a band currently sailing under the radar. With a 2009 demo, an incredible 4 song EP from 2010, and a track on the "Striving Higher: A Hardcore Compilation" (Six Feet Under) and 4 years under their belts— the time to release a debut full length has come.

Musically, Battle Ruins take a much more traditional Punk/Oi approach with a hint of NWOBHM at times in their songwriting. In a time where most Hardcore/Punk bands are being influenced by Metal/Thrash, it's a breath of fresh air for Battle Ruins to remind us that Punk is the true backbone to Hardcore music.

Rock N' Roll Disgrace will be handling the honors of releasing the upcoming full length. Until then, enjoy these 2 new songs and be sure to keep your eyes and ears open. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing and hearing more (hopefully) from Battle Ruins in the near future.

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