December 19, 2014


A list of some of 2014's personal musical highlights. Full lengths listed first followed by EP's and demos — most of which, if interested, you can find posts about throughout the blog. Enjoy... and hopefully this turns some people on to some otherwise unknown great music.

Record of the year goes to Black Anvil for the "Hail Death" masterpiece.

Angel Dust - “A.D.”
At The Gates - “At War With Reality”
Backtrack - "Lost In Life"
Battle Ruins - “Battle Ruins”
Cannibal Corpse - “A Skeletal Domain”
Convulse - “Evil Prevails”
Corrosion Of Conformity - “IX”
Crowbar - "Symmetry In Black"
Eyehategod - “Eyehategod”
Foreseen - “Helsinki Savagery”
Goatwhore - “Constricting Rage Of The Merciless”
Inmates - "Inmates"
Lana Del Ray - "Ultraviolence"
Madball - “Hardcore Lives”
Mastodon - “Once More 'Round The Sun”
Morrissey - “World Peace Is None Of Your Business”
Necros Christos - “Nine Graves”
The Old Firm Casuals - “This Means War”
Ringworm - “Hammer Of The Witch”
Ryan Adams - “Ryan Adams”
Sheer Terror - “Standing Up For Falling Down”
Sick Of It All - “Last Act Of Defiance”
Violator - “Scenarios Of Brutality”


Adult Crash - “Unfinished Business”
Born Low - “Refuse To Beg”
Down - "Down IV, Pt. II"
Fury - "Kingdom Come"
God’s Hate - “Divine Injustice”
Pain Tolerance - “Atlanta Straight Edge”
Protester - “Protester”

Forbidden Zone
Forced Order
Primitive Blast
Reactor 4
World War 4

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