May 9, 2018


About a minute into the first of these three MINDFORCE tracks and I clicked the Purchase button without even needing to listen any further. The first 60 seconds of "Firestarter" alone is worth the cost of all 3 of their tracks— all of which bang just as hard as the others. A bit tighter riffing with some really cool turnarounds and hooks akin to Metallica and/or Slayer even. Solid craftsmanship, musicianship, and overall super consistent band.

DEAD HEAT is a perfect pairing and follow-up who deliver their brand of Hardcore-laced Thrash right off the bat with "Pay The Toll" (which also harkens on a Slayer tip), while the following tracks are laced with moments ranging from very traditional California Hardcore style riffing to recognizable NYHC influenced Cro-Mags. The influences can be derivative at times but hats off, because this stuff goes hard yet remains very tasteful and interesting still.

Super solid release from 2 bands that showcase the evolution of Punk/Hardcore and Metal with a traditional flare extremely well. Available from The Feral Planet.

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