May 10, 2018

STB Records Mixtape: Volume One

Heads up to all the Doom/Stoner Metal fans out there!!!

STB Records just released the STB Records Mixtape: Volume One— a free monthly mixtape used as a platform for new bands to get exposure, existing bands to test songs, share unreleased or non-album fitting tracks, and an occasional throwback. STB always has top-notch, impressive packaging and has released some real gems showcasing a ton of great new bands over the years.

This effort is fully fan supported and participation is encouraged. If you like the mixtape, LEAVE A COMMENT with your favorite track. The more engagement this gets the bigger and better it will be.

Band Submission Guidelines: (Please follow exactly)

Email with the following;
  • Subject: "STB Records Mix Tape Submission" 
  • Link to ONE song of your choice. Make this the track you feel best represents your band and sound, as it will be the first impression for many new fans. 
  • DO NOT send files that need to be downloaded, download codes, or a link to every song you have ever written and say "choose one".
Give this a spin and leave a comment.

Favorites Tracks: Klandestin, Young Bull, Sanhedrin, and Heavy Temple.

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