July 24, 2018

KING NINE (NY), "V.R.C.F." (New Song Premiere) & Interview w/ Dan Seely

Throughout the years there has always been a pollination of Long Island-based bands that build upon and contribute nicely to the ever-evolving New York Hardcore mold— notably Nihilistics, Crumbsuckers, Neglect, V.O.D., On The Rise, Incendiary, Backtrack, and recently KING NINE. Ever since the release of their demo in 2011, the track "No Dreams" (2012) on The Extermination compilation (Flatspot Records), a brutally tough 2013 debut full-length album Scared To Death (Closed Casket Activities), and "The Art Of War" single in 2015— KING NINE have been on a musical warpath, laying waste, and flying the flag for a whole new generation of New York Hardcore while still keeping their roots very much intact.

With the premiere of their latest battle hymn,"V.R.C.F." below, we recently caught up with frontman, Dan Seely, for a few words and insight on the track and recording (although complete album details are being withheld until label announces).

What does V.R.C.F. stand for and what's behind the lyrics?

V.R.C.F. stands for Violence Reality Chaos Fear. I like to think this is “World Peace” (Cro-Mags) for the modern era. The song is about how many people in the world only see peace as an option and not violence. They think their lives will never encounter violence or death or pain because we live in a modern civilized society. Just because you beg and plead for someone to be peaceful does not mean they will be. The way of the world isn’t peace. It never was. It always has been and always will be violence and chaos. “All you hippies better start to face reality”.

Give some insight on the recording process. Where was it done, over what period of time, who recorded it, and any nightmare or stand out moments?

We recorded the record in Philly with Arthur Rizik at Creep Studios over the course of four months. We would space out our sessions on weekends every chance we could. Between work and life, it became a much longer process than we wanted, but we couldn’t be happier with how it came out. There were times for each of us we just couldn’t nail a certain part, for whatever reason, resulting in shouting and threats to each other because someone couldn’t hit a picking rhythm right, or I couldn’t get the fucking lyrics right, or my voice would be blown out. Basically, only Rutter didn’t have any issues because he’s a jerk off. But there were times we would all be fucking celebrating and standing around like a bunch of idiots because we couldn’t believe how some parts hit. There’s a part on “Paradise”, when it hits... damn. The first time I heard it on the recording I wanted to jump off a fucking building.

With the addition of John Lopez (Guitar) and Chris Smith (Bass) to the line-up, both formerly of Backtrack, has that allowed for the KINE NINE sound to evolve more?

Obviously, they are both our friends for the past decade or so their addition to the band was a no-brainer. They add another dynamic aspect that I don’t think we were necessarily missing, but they changed how we looked at songs and how we wrote some things, both lyrically and musically. They allow the chaos to come out but they are both there controlling it and forming it while still adding to it. They round out the band perfectly.

How do you feel this latest full-length differs from your previous full-length, Scared To Death?

This new full-length is just the next gear up. We don’t want to change what we do, we just want to do it better. Musically, we tried to just write everything harder and nastier than before. Lyrically, I think there is a lot more negativity and personal reflection on this record than the previous. We paint a broader picture with what we’re trying to say about everything around us and criticizing what we see, while still being candid about some things in my/our lives. I know every band thinks their newest record smokes their past ones but I really feel this is Scared To Death on steroids.

When will it be released? Any plans of touring to support it?

It will be coming out in early September and we will be playing shows on the East and West Coast as well as Europe and hopefully Japan.

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