February 4, 2019

Fresh From ‘89 You Suckas!
Howie Abrams (NoEcho.net)

By 1989, I began outgrowing the cheesiness of a lot of the Metal my musical diet consisted of and began finding a lot more real-life, raw and relatable underground Hardcore/Punk and Crossover bands, namely via Thrasher Magazine and/or the soundtrack of whatever skateboard video was saturating my life. 

The little town I grew up in had a couple of record stores in it, as well as a hole in the wall comic book store that also served as a small record shop. This is where I'd spend a good amount of my time (and allowance) scouring the stock hoping to come across titles of any of these new bands I was learning about. Sometimes with a miss but more often than not, a score. While many scenesters of the time would complain how some independent labels were "selling out" and getting distribution deals, had it not been for those deals, these tiny record stores in my area would never have had the chance to stock their shelves to service kids like us, the new generation of Hardcore keeping the wheels moving and the scene progressing.

It was a phenomenal time to be a freshly planted seed in fertile soil as the musical rain was plentiful that year and it certainly gave birth to quite a beautiful garden.

Every song on this No Echo list by Howie Abrams hit a mark and remain to be some of the most influential and inspiring bands, artists, and talents to have grown from that era.


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