Name: Craig "Ahead" Setari (Sick Of It All / Creep Division)
Aliases: Skully, Cedric, Q, Pappy
Location: Bayside, Queens (but often the surface of the earphis)
Age: Veteran

The beginning of it all. How did Hardcore enter your life and why, so many years later, are you still involved?
Danny Lilker (Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, SOD) turned me onto Punk which led me to Hardcore. I was drawn to it as it was a place I felt comfortable and was accepted, not for who I knew or how I dressed or whatever, but how I WAS, who I AM. No fronting, just being.

Are you really the inventor of sneakers on stage? (Hoya says you are and that you invented fire too).
I brought the sneaker to Agnostic Front, at least that's what Vinny says. I didn't invent fire, but I have used it to keep Hoya from stealing my lunch money.

Many people have jocked your style on stage. Is that a flattering thing to you, or do you feel jipped that the style you have and have created is being mocked? 
Yeah man, its cool... I'm flattered. Spread the word. Hardcore is history, not just a flavor. Spread the word about the history, keep the tradition alive. Let 'em know who we are and what we've done and WHY.

Explain to us what the Bass Mafia is and means to you.
I don't know what your talking about, but I do know that bass players are always cool with each other. Get a bunch of bass players behind you, that's a serious force.

Have you ever had any beef with bands that have caused you to have to get down? Did Straight Ahead have any beef with bands back in the day?
I'm into making friends, not enemies. If someone is born insecure and needs to find out, they go down if they make me have to get down. Bass and boxing are two things I'm good at. SA never beefed, all positive.

Your thoughts on;
Tech21NYC SansAmp: Great stuff, they've let me demo a lot of new products.
Double straps: My invention.
Front of stage monitors: Made to destroy.

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