Abrasion, "Demonstration" (Self-Released, 2020)

Temple Of Dread, "World Sacrifice" (2020, Testimony Records)

Tear Drop, "Circle Of Pain" (2020, Self-Released)

Peel Me A Grape Fanzine #1 (1993)

Goatsnake, " Breakfast With The King" b/w "Deathwish" (Southern Lord, 2020)

Earth Crisis: Live In Buffalo, NY

Second Coming, 7" (Chapter Records, 1993)

[Updated] Earth Crisis, "Destroy The Machines" 25th Anniversary

Encounter, "Lost" (Redemption Records, 1991)

Arms Length, 7" EP (Reflection Records, 1992)

The Slugs (pre-Crowbar), "Demo 1990"

Ides Of March, "Demo 1998"