Encounter, "Lost" (Redemption Records, 1991)

ENCOUNTER were a New Jersey Hardcore band active from 1990-1994. Alongside their NJHC brethren Vision and Turning Point, they were at the forefront of the next generation of Melodic Hardcore. This EP showcases that perfectly with acoustic guitar intros, chugging riffs, dive bombs, poetic and emotive lyrics, and an awesome production by none other than legendary producer Don Fury. Members also played in Flagman, Reveal, and Campfire, and ran Watermark Records.

Redemption Records, 1991
01. Break Free
02. Surrounded
03. Unheard
04. Lost

"The world is an audience that I'm so eager to please. As I sacrifice reality hoping someone else will see. What I build my life upon and it never appears vain. But if that's what I call success, it's peace I'll never gain."