[Updated] Earth Crisis, "Destroy The Machines" 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary to Earth Crisis, "Destroy The Machines"— a record that defined an era in the '90s Metal/Hardcore scenes and firmly embedded the band as one of the most important bands in history to further the message of not only Straight Edge, but also Veganism and Animal/Earth Liberation.

First hearing it as an advanced copy dub, I remember being absolutely blown away at how professional and massive sounding the songs were. The way they were sequenced, and segued so punishingly into each other, the machinery and nature samples battling throughout the songs creating tension that helped paint pictures that were being delivered with unrivaled lyrics and adamantly shouted vocals. Finally hearing completed studio versions of songs like "The Discipline", "Destroy The Machines" and "The New Ethic" which had been played live prior, with Ben Reed, but with slight differences.

It quickly became a bible for the Syracuse Hardcore scene and not only reshaped the face of Hardcore, it undeniably set the standard for an entire next generation of bands to follow, both musically and politically.

Looking forward to spending another 25 years reminiscing and growing old with it.
"Strength. Born from pain. Beyond that of my flesh.
Betrayed, robbed and beaten, but not defeated.

Through my
search for allies, I have found myself.
Persistence is the answer to regain all that was taken.

UPDATE, 6/4/2020    Just recently came across this great interview with Karl and commemorative documentary video by Lukas Reed focused on the anniversary of Destroy The Machines. Lots of great Syracuse Hardcore history and covers a lot of ground with details. Great job!!!