Ides Of March, "Demo 1998"

IDES OF MARCH was a very short-lived Vegan Straight Edge band from Syracuse, NY who grew from the ashes of Rise Above and One To Face. They only recorded these 3 songs, releasing them on this demo and 2 on the Syracuse Hardcore 98.99 compilation before disbanding. At the time of this release, their guitar player John Miller was a good friend from childhood and a roommate, so I was able to witness this whole project come to fruition. These guys were definitely the new breed and next generation of what became that era's traditional Syracuse Hardcore sound, down to the Watchmen Studios recording by Doug White. Shortly after breaking up, Mike Lazore joined Another Victim on guitar, and later Santa Sangre with John Miller again on a couple of demos.

1. Man Or Machine
2. Veil Of Mist
3. Humanities Creation

IDES OF MARCH: (L-R) Jake Fuller, John Miller, Pete Sahyoun, Mike Lazore, Matt Drogosweski