Peel Me A Grape Fanzine #1 (1993)

PEEL ME A GRAPE fanzine was a Studio V publication done by a collection of people based in the Syracuse Hardcore scene around 1993. Captained by Vince Holleran and VJ Parkansky, with contributions from Josh Grabelle (Trustkill), Joel Jordan (Encounter, Watermark Records), "Driver" Dave Commeau (Campfire, Sunspot Skates), DJ Rose (The Shame Of Cain, Path Of Resistance, Halo Tattoo), and Baiba Owens. Features interviews with DOWNCAST and ENCOUNTER, Straight Edge rants, poetry, a Syracuse skate spots guide, music reviews, great photos, and a lot of era-specific Syracuse Hardcore related visuals. One of my favorites from the time.


Josh Grabelle also recently released all 3 issues of Trustkill Fanzine downloadable in PDF format. If you've never had the chance to see one, it's highly recommended to grab these. Another great era-defining publication that set a standard for quality and has stood as a benchmark for years.