Second Coming, 7" (Chapter Records, 1993)

SECOND COMING were a California Hardcore band that existed in the early '90s with a New York Hardcore influence akin to Cro-Mags and Sheer Terror. Features members of Breakaway and was released on Chapter Records by the late Francisco Alegria. Also, check out a great interview with Breakaway and Secomd Coming vocalist Joey Vela on No Echo from a few years ago.

Chapter Records, 1993
01. Do For You
02. Silenced
03. Out Of The Game
04. Bought And Sold

"When we first started the band, we didn’t really have a line up, but we wanted to get started, so Jeff played guitar and I half-assed played bass until we found other members. It took a while to get a lineup together, but we finally got it going and started playing shows in ’92. We did our first demo and shortly after we recorded, Francisco, who was starting Chapter Records, asked if he could put out some of the demo songs on a 7"." 
Second Coming @ Club Cocodrie, San Francisco, CA, 1996. Photo by Trent Nelson.