Tear Drop, "Circle Of Pain" (2020, Self-Released)

TEAR DROP is a new project spawned from ex-Bitter End guitarist, Griffin Jarzombek. Tackling the close and personal issue of addiction, these 5 songs take you on a journey through that struggle and are set to an incredibly fierce, hard, and heavy soundtrack. With a bit more of a Metal influence (Hatebreed, Merauder, Obituary), the music picks up close to where Griff's contributions led Bitter End, but with a bit more atmosphere and emotion. However, it's his vocals that truly shine on this offering. Some of the best moments in Bitter End were the glimpses into his back-up vocals, so it's especially great to hear them up front in Tear Drop, and with such attack and veracity. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing where this project leads, as it's easily a top pick for 2020.