Temple Of Dread, "World Sacrifice" (2020, Testimony Records)

TEMPLE OF DREAD is a German Death Metal band formed in 2017 heavily influenced by '90s Florida-style Death Metal reminiscent of Death, Obituary, Pestilence, and Benediction. Having released their crushing debut full length "Blood Craving Mantras" only one year ago, they keep their momentum and peek interest extremely high with this follow-up full length, "World Sacrifice" (Testimony Records). Containing 8 brand new brain drilling and head splitting songs (as well as a cover of Morgoth 'Sold Baptism') they certainly waste no time smashing you in the face with their brand of sonic brutality and barbarity. 

While the influences are prominent in their sound, they do an incredible job of keeping you hooked with familiar old school Death Metal riffing and vocals while including some slower tempos helping contrast the fury and speed, making for an incredibly well-rounded listen. Where many Death Metal bands often showcase a one-dimensional approach, Temple Of Dread introduce groove and an atmosphere that breathes refreshing life in the face of predictability.  

As 2020 proves itself to be a year filled with dark and dismal overtones, it's records like this that offer themselves as great soundtracks and companions for the times.