Electric Chair, "Performative Justice" (Iron Lung Records, 2019)

ELECTRIC CHAIR comes by way of my buddy Pat Wilding at Groundzero Salem, who has a pretty darn good track record of turning me on to a lot of Metal, Punk, and Hardcore that would most likely otherwise go under the radar for me. So, thanks as always to him for the heads up on this one. 

Traditional 80's American style Hardcore Punk from Olympia, WA featuring members of Beta Boys. Apparently, the Pacific Northwest is a hotbed for this style of Hardcore at the moment, as Electric Chair take charge and prove that well in 5 songs in 7 minutes. Fans of Minor Threat, The Mob, Battalion Of Saints may find this of interest. Lots of great, blazing-fast guitar riffs, driving bass, and frantically spastic vocals/drums making for a perfectly well-rounded release of its genre.